Microfiber Tube Wet Mops, 5″HB

  • Microfiber picks up the smallest dirt particles
  • Looped-end allows for laundering without tangling
  • Tube design reduces drag for increased productivity
  • Fantail style provides wide surface span and even coverage
  • Launderable for long product life
  • Shipped as compact mop packages
  • Materials: polyester and polyamide


Stock# Size Color Qty
EM0501S Small Blue/Green/Red 12/cs
EM0502M Medium Blue/Green/Red 12/cs
EM0503L Large Blue/Green/Red 12/cs

Color code: Blue (B), Green (G), Orange (O), Yellow (Y), Red (R), Natural (N) 

Please insert your desire color code before size in the stock # when placing order.
Ex: EL0303BL (Synthetic Blend wet mop, blue color in large size)