Synthetic Blend 5″ Headband Wet Mops

  • Looped-end allows for laundering without tangling
  • Synthetic blend designed to pick up and hold more water
  • Made with reinforced polyester headband and tailband for added durability
  • Launderable for long product life
  • Shipped as compact mop packages
  • Materials: cotton, polyester and synthetic yarn


Prime Products

Stock# Size Color Weight Qty
EL0301S Small Blue/Green/Orange/Natural 19.6 lbs 12/cs
EL0302M Medium Blue/Green/Orange/Natural 24.8 lbs 12/cs
EL0303L Large Blue/Green/Orange/Natural 36.0 lbs 12/cs
EL0304XL X-Large Blue/Green/Orange/Natural 42.8 lbs 12/cs

Choice Products

Stock# Size Color Weight Qty
EL03C2M Medium Blue/Green/Orange/Yellow/Natural 24.8 lbs 12/cs
EL03C3L Large Blue/Green/Orange/Yellow/Natural 36.0 lbs 12/cs
EL03C4XL X-Large Blue/Green/Orange/Yellow/Natural 42.8 lbs 12/cs